Bad Day

It’s been a rough week and a really rough day. I have had almost no luck with my latest story this week. I am behind on my reading. And this morning my advisor asked our little group if we could deliver our packets a couple of days early this month. That means sending it on Monday or Tuesday instead of Wednesday or Thursday. I tried to remain calm, convinced I could figure a way to get it all done, but then the rest of today happened and remaining calm was something not in the cards.

When I got to work I got called into a meeting to discuss a potential new hire and the impact on my position. They’ve been unhappy with my performance of late and were planning to relieve me of my duties and give them to this new person and have me do what the new person was supposed to do because the person they were going to hire was supposedly more qualified to do my job. This change was, of course, contingent upon whether or not the new person accepted the offer. They seemed sure she would.

Later on, she refused the offer and everyone was in a bind. They’d played their cards. They’d shown my how unhappy they’ve been with me. And now they had to figure out a new plan.

I sent an important package by UPS the other day. It was supposed to arrive this morning so that the recipient could deal with it over the weekend. UPS tried to deliver it, failed, and marked it for a Monday retry. I was steamed. Why hadn’t Staples, where I’d dropped it off, checked “Saturday delivery”?

Fortunately, I determined through UPS’s web site that the driver went back later in the afternoon and dropped off the package successfully.

So, in the end everything seemed to work out. But, it was way too much drama for me. I still got to the gym and kept my regular routine intact but it was a rough one and all I really wanted to do at the end of the day was come home, crawl into a ball under the covers, and hide from the world.