Saturday’s All Right

I had a boatload of work to do today and, basically, I got none of it done. I did get to see The Matrix Revolutions, which I dug. I did get to try on a pair of size 34 jeans, which fit. And, I did get to get a little reading done, which was good. I should have gotten a lot more reading done and a little bit of writing done as well, but after the week I had I’m glad I got anything done at all.

The best part of the day was trying on the jeans. I wasn’t sure if I had dropped a full pants size yet. I knew that my size 36 jeans now required a belt and that most of my size 36 slacks for work were starting to get loose, but I didn’t know if heading into the dressing room at Old Navy (which is just next door to the movie theater, which is why we went there) was going to be a bad decision. It turned out to be fine. I even fit into a pair of size 33 jeans (I didn’t know there was such a thing) but they were a little too snug.

I wasn’t going to buy anything but Stephanie convinced me that I should, so I did. I also bought a new shirt. It was a medium. That felt good.

The Matrix Revolutions really did it for me too. I didn’t like the last shot. I wish they had closed with something else, but overall the movie was a solid ride for me. It got a little “end of the world” cheesy at parts during the big showdown between man and machine, but I was willing to allow that.

The worst thing about the day was not getting enough reading done. I need to get some solid reading time in with Birds of America in order to write a decent annotation on it. That’s coming, but it’s not coming fast enough.

There’s no Patriots game tomorrow. We’ll be helping my Mom move stuff out of my Grandpa’s old garage instead of sitting on the couch this week. So, I better be off to bed.