Garage and Dumpster

After some reading early this morning and a quick run to the grocery store, Stephanie and I headed to Littleton to help my Mom clean up Grandpa’s old garage. The building is kinda, sorta falling apart in places and Mom wants to sell the land, but we need to get a lot of the junk out of their first. There’s a good deal of stuff that car or antique enthusiasts might pay some money for but there was also a lot of crap. So, we went there to help out.

It was Mom, Dad, Mom’s cousin Winnie, Stef, and me. We got quite a lot accomplished in a short amount of time and I think the fact that I’ve been working out helped me not get hurt. In years past, lifting all those heavy, rusted, metal pieces of scrap might’ve been too much. Today it was just my way of working of a wheat bagel.

The hardest part was the dust. I got very stuffed up one or two times and my head hurt a little. I think everyone else could say the same thing. Thankfully, Stef had plenty of tissues in her car and I could go over there, blow my nose, and get back to work fairly quickly.

After we filled most of the dumpster Mom rented, we headed back to my parents’ house and watched some football, had some dinner, and then went home ourselves. It was a good day, I think. I find myself a little tired, but not much.

A random thought to close with: I was coming up with ideas for calendars to make through CafePress. I know Yuji and Razlo over at Bizarre Uprising don’t use CafePress anymore, but maybe they can make a calendar somewhere else because I had this crazy idea that they should do a “Girls of Bizarre Uprising” calendar. Maybe they’ve already thought of this. Maybe they wrote about it on their page once and that’s what came into my head. Anyway, I bet the could make a decent amount on something like that.

I couldn’t really do a “Girls of The Little Bastad” calendar or else I would. I think.

Too tired. I’m off for now…