Balloon or Baloon?

I did finally figure out how to synthesize my peers’ comments on “The One About Carl” and this morning I revised it and, for now, it is done. That leaves me with two craft annotations and a writing exercise to get done as soon as possible, so that I may ship the package off to my advisor tomorrow or by Wednesday at the latest. I didn’t get all that much done tonight so it’s looking more and more liked Wednesday.

I might get a ton done on Tuesday morning and then get it all wrapped up and ready to go, but I doubt it. My morning writing time has been fairly productive but not that productive.

If only I could win the lottery and extend my morning writing time until lunchtime. That would be nice. That would be ideal.

That will probably never happen.

Work was work. Exercise was exercise, except that I decided to do 45 minutes of cardio even on days when I do weights because I didn’t lose any weight this week and I’m afraid of ballooning up again.

Does balloon have one L or two?