No Confidence

I’ve finished my two craft annotations and my story. I have a writing exercise left to do and I have to pack it all up into an envelope, but other than that I’m done. I’m thinking about going to bed and leaving the rest till morning. Though the day went mostly well, it ended with me in a sour mood. It ended with me whining about how fat I am on a day when somebody asked me if I’d lost weight. And, it ended with me whining about being a shitty writer on the day after I finished revising one of the best things I’ve yet written.

Of course, that last statement is relative. It may be one of the best things I’ve ever written but it could still, potentially, suck ass.

That’s actually the thing I hate most about creative writing workshops. Nobody ever tells you that what you’ve written is good. They tell you that you’re making progress, that this draft is better than the last one, that it’s the best thing you’ve written, but they never tell you it’s good. I don’t have any confidence in anything today. It’s sad.

I was down to 177.5 again on the scale this morning. That made me a bit happier. Then I realized that, despite the weight loss, I still look fatter than all hell.

That’s probably not true but, like I said, I don’t have any confidence in anything.

So, I’ll wait till my writing session tomorrow morning to get my writing exercise done and get the packet together. That’s the best idea I’ve had all day. I’m tired. It’s time to go to bed.