Unflattering T-Shirt

I sent the third of my four writing packets for the semester this morning. It feels weird saying that because I don’t feel like the residency was all that long ago and now the second one is almost upon me. Of course, this is an abbreviated semester but still… It’s weird to see how much time really does fly. It doesn’t feel like it during the day but it does.

When I got home tonight I happened to pick out a t-shirt which wasn’t flattering to my dwindling figure at all. It made me look fatter than I probably am and it made me feel fatter than that. It probably doesn’t help that I really need some sleep, some really real sleep, after stressing over this packet for the past week. Everything looks awful to me right now.

“The One About Carl” came out well, I think, in it’s second draft. I hope that Michael agrees and sees the improvement. I know there’s more that can be done with it but I’m not sure what that might consist of right now. I need some distance.

What’s nice though, is that my brain went immediately to work on the next piece today. I know I’m going to revise “The One About Ian” again for my fourth piece and I began writing a new intro in my spare moments during the day today. I also came up with a great way to incorporate an idea that JonMartin had given me. The story already rocks but it’ll rock even more when I’m done with it this time.

Who ever thought I would be digging the revision process?