Almost No Swearing

The marketing department moved down the hall to a different office this morning and then I helped out with an interview and then I had lunch and then I had some phone calls and then I was sick so I didn’t go to the gym. I was actually telling myself to calm down in the car as stupid drivers continued to piss me off. I almost made it all the way home without flipping one person the bird or calling one person a fucker. Unfortunately, some stupid piece of shit cut me off on Bridge Street in Lowell and if I could have, I would have gotten out of my car, taken him out of his, ripped his head off, shit down his neck, and used his toupee for toilet paper.

As you can see, I get a little pissed off while driving. Stupid peope are, well, stupid.

This weekend couldn’t come soon enough. I really need to relax and figure out how to keep relaxed and chill. Life is pissing me off in so many ways lately and I need to figure out why and stop it. I can feel the negative effects all this negativity is having on my body. I’m getting healthier by eating healthier and working out, yet I feel like shit a lot of the time. There’s something wrong with that.

So, I came home and played some videogame football and then we ate and I fell asleep on the couch. I got up just in time to type this and now I’m going to bed.