Stephanie and I cheated on our diets a bit more than I thought was necessary today but in the end I tried not to worry about it because I wanted to not worry too much about anything this weekend. We had wheat bagels for breakfast, dined at Friday’s for lunch, and ate Chinese for dinner. We’re both doing all right though. The weight is coming off and, as Stephanie said to me today, sometimes you’ve got to just let yourself have a day off.

I also spent a shitload on comic books today because I hadn’t been to the Comic Book Palace in close to four months. He sold one of my books though, and that was a cool pickmeup. I remember a few weeks ago I was flipping out because I had never recorded those books on my inventory sheet and I thought someone had stolen three copies out of my backpack or something.

I got my haircut. That was nice. I had been wanting to get it cut for a couple of weeks. It’s short now. It completes the “Chris is lookin’ good” transformation.