I hope the Patriots don’t play any more Monday or Sunday night games this season. Well, unless they make it to the Super Bowl. That would be all right. But, I think other than that they are done with Monday and Sunday nights for now. This is good because every time I stay up late to watch a game I have a really hard time getting through work the next day. Of course, it’s easier than last season where they seemed to lose all of their night games. This season, each time I’ve stayed up they’ve made it worth my while with a win.

Today at work was predictably rough because I stayed up late and I’m in my new office all alone for a little while, until they figure out when the other person will be joining me in there. I think there are some logistics involved because they’ll have to bring her desk through the main lobby and they don’t want to do that while students are present. Being in my little office alone has been kind of, well, lonely. I also don’t turn the lights on all day so by five o’clock I’m feeling rather sleepy, like I’ve worked late into the night.

I did manage to jot down some interesting ideas and paragraphs for stories though, during my downtimes. I’m thinking I might develop one of them for my fourth and final submission instead of working on “Ian” again. I haven’t written a “new” piece since the beginning of September.