Good News

I woke up at my normal time this morning to get some writing done but I knew that I really should have stayed in bed. I was still tired and worn out and looking for any excuse to get me out of writing. I had to transfer some files to my laptop before I began so, while I was doing that, I fired up Outlook and checked my e-mail. I saw that my faculty mentor had emailed me and was unsure what to do. The contents of the message could either make or ruin my day.

I opened it.

And the result was quite good. He seemed to love what I had done this month. The praise heavily outweighed any criticism (he usually leaves his direct critiques for the margins of the actual piece and this was just the overview email he sends the day he puts our manuscript back in the mail to us). In fact, I’m not sure there was any criticism at all. It was a simply gushing review.

So, I went back to bed and snuggled with Stephanie and felt that all was right with the world. I felt like I had earned my extra two hours of rest. And, because I allowed myself that, I made it through the day in one emotional piece and I sit here tonight with nothing to bitch about. I just got done watching the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and it was quite good and I really loved the relationship between the straight guy and his fourteen year old daughter, who helped him pick clothes and seemed to think he was one of the cooler guys in the world. I only hope that, if I have a daughter, she thinks of me that way occasionally and not always as her schmucky, fat-ass dad who thinks he’s a “writer.”