No Direction

So, I can’t get this new story started. I’m not quite sure where it begins or where it ends or what’s in the middle. All I know is that the main character is a guy working at a dot-com in the late nineties, just before the bubble began to burst, and that he works out in a gym full of impossibly beautiful women that he knows he will never have. I have a few scenes in mind but no real conflict. That leaves me with some nice writing but it’s all in chunks and I’m getting frustrated. Maybe I should just work on some more revision instead.

Of course, that’s just the kind of imbalance we don’t want in this writing program. I need to find a way to keep doing some of both — some new work and some revision. Otherwise I become one-dimensional.

I need to work on my comma use as well, or so I’m told. My faculty mentor made that comment on my manuscript and I find myself at a loss because I thought I always handled commas pretty well. He caught me on a number of missed comma opportunities though, in the latest story. It was one of his few major criticisms and concerns. Maybe there’s a book I should buy. Maybe I should finally crack open that copy of Strunk & White that I bought a couple of years back.

Oh well. Getting through today at work means I get new episodes of Ed and The West Wing and then tomorrow I can try my hand at the story again.