I experienced the sheer brilliance of Apple’s iTunes music store/media application today and I am a total convert. This thing has helped me organize my tunes in a way I never thought possible. It gives you one button access to songs you’ve always wanted but never wanted to buy a whole album for. It rips CDs to MP3 or AAC format at the speed of light. It’s fabulous.

So, I spent most of a day that should have been spent working on homework messing around with the program. I got all of my tunes into the iTunes folder and started messing with the way they were named and categorized through the slick interface. It was so easy. It was intuitive. I couldn’t believe that listening to music on the computer could be this easy.

It wasn’t all we did today. I did go out to get some stuff from Vitamin World, and to pick up the one issue of Wild Cats that wasn’t included in my pile at the Comic Book Palace last week, and to see if I couldn’t track down a book for my second reading for this month. I think that was all we did.

Then I came home and played with iTunes some more. I actually didn’t buy all that many songs. Most of my time was spent organizing my music, something I’d been meaning to do for ages.

Anyway, I’m off for now. The sounds of Sarah McLachlan’s Live Acoustic EP 2003, apparently available only through iTunes, are soothing my brain and sleepiness is descending upon me. Until tomorrow…