Hey Shorty!

I had a paper to finish tonight but I didn’t do any work on it at all because of the horrible day I had at work. Honestly, all it seems to take is five minutes on the wrong end of “You suck” session to turn my whole world around. I am close to achieving a lot of things in my life but the job continues to push my spirits down. It’s not like I’m not trying to do a good job. Some people just don’t see it.

The truth is, the only way I get through it is by focusing on that date, just over a year from now, when Stephanie will graduate with her MEd and we can move wherever we want and I can start fresh. If I could have the exercise and the writing and the reading and throw out the rest right now, I would.

So, I’ve got to get up early tomorrow morning to finish my paper because it has to be postmarked by tomorrow. That means it’s time to go to bed.