Jefferson Zeppelin

I made it through the day and that’s not something I thought I could do. I really didn’t think I’d be around to type this. The prospects of the day at work were that horrible. But, I did make it and now I only have to get through one more day and I get four days away. Sure, I’d rather spend them in bed recuperating instead of traveling to Maine and back but I’ll take what I can get.

I spent some more quality time with iTunes tonight and bought a couple of songs. I had actually been thinking that there really weren’t many songs out there that I wanted that I didn’t already own. But, in the end, I did have to cut myself off. I was getting on a roll, thinking of all sorts of things. This is the future of buying music, I think. No lines. No buying a twelve dollar disc for one song.

Trouble is, I know Apple isn’t making a dime on this. They’re doing it to try and sell iPods. I wish that I could afford one. I want to give them my support. All these other places popping up, using the restrictive and shitty-ass Windows Media Player format, I don’t want them to win the war on this.

I’m probably never getting an iPod though. That’s just the reality of it. They’re too expensive for a person who is constant fear (and sometimes hope) that this day at work will be his last.