Mr. Fatty Fat-Fat

So, you want to know something about me that doesn’t involve me being pissed off about work or tired or writing another story that I think sucks but really doesn’t? Today I had to run to UPS on lunch to pick something up and on my way back to work I stopped by the cemetery to see my Grandpa Clark’s grave and wish him a Happy Thanksgiving. I think this makes me kind of a weirdo but it occurred to me as I was driving by on my way to UPS that I should stop by on my way back because I hadn’t been there in a long time.

Am I silly? Yeah, I probably am. Was it a nice little detour? Yes, it definitely was.

They let me out early at work and as soon as Stephanie gets home we’re headed up to Maine for Thanksgiving and that’s why I’m typing this at four in the afternoon. I’ve been looking through digital camera listings on Amazon and getting shit ready to go and talking on the phone with Tiff for a few minutes and well, that’s about it. I made it through another day at work and now I get four days off. That is just awesome.

I also weighed in at 174.5 this morning, my lowest yet. I’m still technically ten pounds overweight but maybe I should stop calling myself Mr. Fatty Fat-Fat when I look in the mirror in the morning. What do you think?