Upgrading Life

Stef and I have been discussing two major technological advancements in our lives over the past two days. One of them is the digital camera we anticipate purchasing for Christmas. The other has been the state of our phone bill and how cost-cutting it might be to move to an entirely cell-phone based communications system. Tonight we actually figured it out and by moving to two cell-phones as opposed to our one land-line and her one emergency cell-phone we’d save between fifteen and thirty dollars a month.

I’m going to throw out what we’re considering in case anyone out there has something negative to say about it. In particular, on this front, I don’t want to make any mistakes. We’re considering an mLife National Family Plan from AT&T Wireless. We’ll get two phones, a certain number of “anytime” minutes, and unlimited nights and weekends (which is when we do most of our calling anyway). The only real issue we’re anticipating is how well the phones will do at our apartment, placed in a little valley as it is. I think that, in the past, both JonMartin and Tori have experienced difficulties with their cell-phones at our apartment. I might be wrong though.

The digital camera we’re considering, which is affordable and has gotten great customer reviews on Amazon, is the Kodak EasyShare DX4530 5MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom. It has everything that Stef and I want. It’s user interface is smooth. It’s within our price range. Everything is all good except that it only records images in JPEG/EXIF v2.1 format and I was hoping for RAW format. I don’t own a digital camera now, so I’m not actually sure how important that is.

We did pick out a couple of accessories too. It comes with 32 MB of internal memory. We weren’t sure how big to go with the added memory card. I couldn’t find the information I’d seen earlier on how much room each picture takes up.

Anyway, if anyone out there has any opinions on either thing, let us know either here or by e-mail.