That Was All

I got up at three AM this morning to go to the bathroom and decided I didn’t want to go back to bed. I wasn’t tired and I had a lot I wanted to accomplish with my Saturday. So, I grabbed a slew of CDs and started ripping them to MP3. I typed some stuff. I visited some sites. It was a blast. I had done so much by the time Stephanie got out of bed that I could’ve just camped out on the couch the rest of the day. Well, I could have done that if I was any normal person.

During the morning hours I gave myself some time to play Madden 2004 online, something I had never done before. That was fun except that I got my ass handed to me every time. After a morning doing that, and with tiredness hanging over me, I started to get frustrated with being in the apartment. I decided to go out. I needed to go out.

So, I went to Borders in Methuen to start building my reading list for next semester and to pick up the final book I need to read this semester. This was fun except for the wicked wind that was trying to blow my car all over the road on the way there. Eventually I had to go to the Borders in Nashua, NH as well because the book I needed wasn’t in Methuen.

Then I came home, got my ass kicked in football twice more, and ate dinner with Stephanie after watching back-to-back repeats of Queer Eye. I fell asleep on the couch while watching that Nicholas Cage movie called Family Guy or Family Man or Really Bad Nic Cage Movie.

That was all.