Time Here All But Means Nothing

Stef and I didn’t get enough homework done yesterday and we got up late to do our chores this morning. This meant that a planned trip to my parents’ house this afternoon had to be scrapped. I was actually pretty upset about this because we haven’t seen them in a while and we didn’t see them on Thanksgiving and I miss them. Okay? Anyway, I watched football and read books and worked on my writing for the final submission today and it was all good in the end.

The Patriots did really well in the first half, screwed up in the second, and then pulled it together at the end. Amazingly, I picked the winner in every game that was played today for my little ESPN.com contest-thingy that I entered. That’s not including the game that’s being played tonight though.

I finished reading Ragtime, which was pretty good. Doctorow tells the story with this very detached voice and it makes the historical aspect of the novel work really well but leaves the character development lacking. He seems more concerned with painting a complete world for us than telling us a story about people living in that world. I don’t know. I have to find some writing things he does that might be of use to me in my own writing.

Tomorrow I’ll begin reading the Ethan Canin I bought. And, Godwilling, I’ll get back on track with my writing and get the story I’ve been cooking up down on paper. We’ll see.