Getting My Butt Kicked

I’ve become very interested in the online feature of my Madden 2004 game. I love the idea of playing against someone over the internet, but the trouble is that I am simply not in the same league as most of the people who are there. I get my ass kicked every time and it gets frustrating. I could just quit but there’s an etiquette to it all. If you don’t want people to quit on you when you’re winning you shouldn’t quit on anyone else. So, I end up wasting an hour of my time getting lambasted by some guy who spends his entire life playing the damn game.

Is lambasted a real word? I swear that it is, but I’m not sure.

I did get back to work on my latest story this morning, though. And, I made some decent progress. I think what I have will form the middle of the story. Today, at work, I was kicking around some ideas for the beginning. I have a lot of little paragraphs written on pieces of scrap paper and in Notepad files and I’ll be grabbing from them a lot.

Other than those two things, there’s not much more to report. The semester is coming down to the wire for both Stef and I and things will be super-stressful for the next three weeks. But, two weeks from Friday, Stef and I will hopefully see Return of the King to start our holidays off right and all will be well.