Disappointing Results

After a couple of days of decent work on my latest story I came to the realization this morning that it has no plot to speak of. Well, it might have a plot but I’m certainly not the one to tell you what it is. This is disappointing because I think I’ve constructed at least one interesting character. I’m hoping tomorrow will produce better results but I’m trying to keep my expectations low because right now my talents are disappointing me.

Work was work. It always is. Lunch was lunch, but it was cold in my car and I wish there were a lounge or something I could get away to and eat my lunch and read. My choices now are to sit at my desk and potentially be interupted with the work I’m supposed to be getting a break from, or to sit in my car in the freezing cold of a Massachusetts December. They aren’t great choices.

I read while on the elliptical machine at the gym today. That was good. I covered a lot of ground in the book I’m reading. So, I should be able to get my act together and get all this finished for next week’s deadline. Then I’ll just have to worry about getting ready for the next residency in January.