Well, I tied the new story together nicely. It has a beginning, middle, and end now, but I still worry that the plot is thin or non-existent. I mean, things do happen in the story but overall I’m not sure what the character wants. I like the way it reads and I like the characters but I find myself trying to figure out what everyone else is going to tell me is wrong with it so I can fix those things before I hand it in.

It’s almost Friday and that’s the best news I get every week. When I only have eight hours of work left to get through I am a very happy man. That means another Patriots game is on the horizon and, potentially, if the snow isn’t too bad, I’ll get another chance (and hopefully take it this time) to either get down to the Cape or get to the genealogy library to find my focus for the interdisciplinary project I’ll be tackling next semester.

Here’s a question I’ve been wondering about all day. Most of my ancestors were “mariners” and I always took that to mean fisherman, given the age they were working in. However, a close look at the definition makes no mention of fishing. What other things would they have been doing on the seas to earn money in the mid to late 19th century?