Accomplishing Things

Coming into today, there were three things I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to get homework done. I wanted to see the Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins. And, I wanted to watch the first installment of Angels in America on HBO without my tiredness getting to me. I am happy to report that I accomplished all three of those things and that makes starting the work-week tomorrow just a little bit easier.

The laptop is causing me problems as I type this though. The TAB key, which usually takes me from field to field in this little interface of mine is now tabbing me out of the browser altogether. A minute ago, I could erase the contents of the Address bar, but I couldn’t type anything new into it. A few minutes before that it took an inexcusable amount of time to close the My Documents window.

I don’t quite know what to do with these stupid little issues the laptop is experiencing. It’s like what’s going on with my car. Today I discovered yet one more little problem I don’t have time or money to fix. The windshield wiper fluid, which I thought was empty, is actually full. It’s just that the dispenser on each of the wiper blades is not working. Yay me!

Stef is getting stressed out by the end of the semester, as am I. We haven’t had enough time to do any shopping and my family’s traditional pre-Christmas gathering for the relatives who won’t see each other on the big day is coming up this weekend. I’ve started to figure out a plan and I’ve told my wife not to stress, because I know it won’t take much for this to get out of hand with her. Now I just need to remember not to stress myself.

One more thing to note — the fickle scale decided that I was 172.5 today. I’m wondering what it’ll say on Monday morning, which is the day I traditionally have paid the most attention to.