Green Until Noon

I have two annotations and a writing exercise to get done by Wednesday morning. I’m not really feeling inspired tonight. I made it through Monday and that’s an accomplishment but I have work to do and I don’t feel like working. I wish that I felt like working because, between Christmas and school and stressing at work, this has been and is going to continue being a crazy month. I had time to work tonight, but I just didn’t.

I did make it through the day though and I’ve come to believe that if you make it through Monday you can, and probably will, make it through the week. You’ve got to keep a goal or a reward in front of you at all times. Each night you have to have something you’re fighting towards, at least if you are me. That’s how I get through it.

I know what I’m going to write about in my annotations. That’s something, right? I don’t know which writing exercise I want to tackle, but that’s nothing new. There’s one I would like to tackle but it’s very ambitious and, as tired as I’m feeling, it’s probably not the one for me this time around.

It’s winding down and that’s good. I’m looking forward to Christmas and the residency and that’s what’s getting me through the days.