I baked a lot of cookies tonight. It’s difficult to bake cookies when you’re trying to maintain your weight (or lose weight) because you really want to try out each type of cookie you make to be sure that it came out all right. And once you’ve tried out one, you feel like you should try out a second, just to be sure. It’s really a vicious cycle. At the end of the night there were dozens and dozens of cookies on my dining room table, waiting to be sorted into individual tins, and I had only eaten four.

This was quite an accomplishment for me. It proved to me that I do have a little bit of willpower in my body, even after a long day.

What was also proved to me was that, after all the baking, my back hurt and my feet hurt and my chest was one big knot of stress. This December has been rough for me and we’re only twelve days into it.

I need to get back to writing in order to make my next deadline, which is December 22. That’s when I need to have my two stories for the residency in by. That’s going to be interesting. I don’t know if I’m going to make it. I mean, I’ve got all of next week, but at the rate that I’ve been going this last week that may earn me about two pages of finished work.

Anyway, I’ve typed longer than I intended and I’m going to bed now.