Lickety Splitly

Today we went to my parents’ house for the annual get-together of those family members who don’t spend Christmas at my parents’ house. That’s a number of people. There are a number of people who do come to Christmas at my parents’ house, Stephanie and I included, but those were not the people for whom this gathering was for. Am I making any sense? I hope not. I actually am trying to confuse you. That, the confusing of your poor little brain, is my goal.

I ate pizza and cookies and a chicken sandwich for dinner and I’ll probably weigh like fifty pounds more tomorrow morning than I did this morning, but my new jeans still fit so I’m not going to worry too much.

I have to finish two stories in the next nine days. That’s pretty frightening, especially considering I can’t seem to get anything done at all on the weekends or at night. I do know what I’m going to be working on but I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done.

Johnny Cash is playing in iTunes at the moment. It’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and, of course, it is good. Johnny is good for you. You better believe it.

Family gatherings always come down to “what are you doing” conversations and “why no kids yet” interrogations but they are always fun. I don’t mind those dialogues. We could be talking about worse things. Like, “Chris, why are you so fat?” or, “Chris, why don’t you have a job?” or, “Chris, why don’t you have a woman? Are you thinking of joining a monastery?”

Uhm, the pain in my gut has just returned. I think I’m going to go relax for a spell now. Ten bucks to the person who can spot what song just came onto my iTunes based on the title of this here entry.

Well, I won’t really give you ten bucks. But, I will write a whole entry about how cool you are.