Shaving and Angels

I just finished watching the second part of HBO’s adaptation of Angels in America, which was predictably fabulous. It really made me want to go back and read the plays again, which would make them the literary work I’ve read the most times in my life. I think I’ve already read the plays three or four times and each time I grow to love them more. I can’t explain it. There is some magic in Kushner’s writing that I am trying to capture. It’s like a card trick I want to figure out.

If I could write something that moved me in the way that Angels moves me, then I would feel like I had truly accomplished something. I keep thinking that this family history thing, which sometimes feels very dry when I’m conceiving it, would really shine if I threw in some of my more theatrical minded ideas. If it became more epic and sweeping and more everything, then perhaps it would start to truly come to life.

I’m babbling, but great theater always does that to me.

An aside is what I’ll end with for tonight. I’m wondering in which order you’re supposed to deal with facial cleanliness as a man. Do I wash my face first and then shave or shave and then wash my face? I haven’t used any kind of cleanser on my face since college and I plan to start tomorrrow. I’m not sure what I do first.  Usually I shave and then I get in the shower and I let the water sooth my face. It never works as well as I would like it to.