Laptops and Stories

I had to spend some quality time with my laptop tonight, which prohibited me from getting much work done on the two stories I have to finish for the twenty-second.  The laptop had been deathly slow and causing us all sorts of headaches over the past couple of months. I had never reformatted the thing and I had cause to believe there might be some viruses or bad files somewhere that I just wasn’t finding. So, I pulled out the Gateway Recovery discs and set to work and now the laptop is all better.

The two stories I’m working on should be easy to finish but they’re not. As I think I’ve mentioned, one of them is almost done and the other is a revision that I’ve been plotting in my head since early September. They should be less difficult than they are being but they are not. I have lost the writing spirit in these last weeks. I desperately need the next residency. I need to be around those people again to recharge my batteries.

In other news, my nose and the immediately surrounding landscape of my face was red and peeling all day. I don’t quite know what to do about that. I wash my face and my nose doesn’t like it. I needed to splash water on it all damn day. It was frustrating.

But, when that’s the most frustrating part of your day you should be thankful. And, for the most part, I am.