Ani and Parties

I do so very much love the Ani DiFranco coming out of my speakers right now. “In or Out” is a song I swear I’d heard before I bought it on iTunes a few weeks ago but I’ve never been able to figure out where that might have been. I have recollections of first being exposed to Ms. DiFranco’s music in the room of Mr. Sean Baptiste, just after the Spring 1997 Student Theater Festival. That was the one where Sean directed Samuel Iscariot and I tried my best to direct Zoo Story. I may be remembering incorrectly.

Regardless of all that it is my job to report the goings-on of my day, not bore you with descriptions of what music I am listening to at the end of a long day. I did the work thing, preceded by the writing thing, and then I went to Stacey’s for our annual Bradford yankee swap. (Am I supposed to capitalize Yankee there?) Stacey was there, of course, as were Monica, Kristie, Angela, and all of their various supporting casts (husbands, boyfriends, and children). Stephanie couldn’t make it because she had her last class tonight.

I’ve been feeling sick all day but that didn’t really put a damper on the evening. The sore throat and the impending cold/flu/thing seemed to take the night off and I enjoyed myself. We watched Angela’s daughter try and sing Christmas karaoke. We exchanged gifts, ate pizza, and played the board game Cranium. It was fun.

Now it’s probably time for bed before I pass out at this desk. I hope I don’t wake up with as much pain in my throat as I had this morning. That was decidedly unfun.