Hold Out

The Patriots game was on tonight and we’re planning on spending some time at my parents’ house tomorrow and therefore I had a lot of writing to get done today. I need to hand in two stories come Monday and when the day began I wasn’t close to finishing either one of them. So, I worked hard. I was feeling like garbage with this cold of mine but I worked hard and I have both stories in shape so that they could be sent now if they had to. Now I just have to see if I can put a little more polish on them.

My trend of writing really long pieces continues. “The One About Robin” is twenty-five pages long. That’s with 1 inch margins all around, double-spaced, and in Courier New at 12 pt. The other story, “The One About May” comes in at around 18 pages. I do set out to write shorter short stories but it just ain’t happening. I think it’s the novelist in me trying to get out. I have to keep telling him that his time is coming that he just needs to hold out a bit longer.

I need to hold out a bit longer and I’ll get Christmas and New Year’s and then a week away from work to focus on the writing and be with my Lesley pals again. I need to hold out and get through this cold. I’m seeing a pattern here. I just have to get through the day.

I think I could get really negative if I went off on a rant starting with that last thought so I’m going to go to bed now before I get going. The Patriots won their eleventh straight game tonight and that’s something to be very happy about.

Night, night.