Squint Your Eyes and Look Closer

Stephanie and I had to do the last of our Christmas shopping tonight and tomorrow we need to wrap presents and finish the couple of Christmas gifts we are involved in the making of. Thusly, I will not be making it to the gymnasium all week. This is disappointing. I am probably going to get really fat. I suppose that’s what Christmas is for but I don’t like it. The treats have started to arrive at work and I am not avoiding them and I should probably be hitting the treadmill for penance. (Did I use that word correctly?) Ugh. Who knows?

Stephanie and I went to a lot of places in the span between six o’clock and nine o’clock and we were done then and I was hungry and tired and we stopped to eat only at that point. The sub shop we stopped at had run out of rolls. We ate our sandwiches on syrian bread. I think Stef enjoyed hers more than I enjoyed mine.

We came home and watched a little of Monday Night Football before I came in here to write this. It looks like the Green Bay Packers will win and that means I will have picked 15 out of 16 games correctly this week on my little game on ESPN.com. That’s really cool.

Two more days of work and Wednesday there will be so few people in that I hope they let us leave early. It’s probably wishful thinking, but hey, a boy can dream.