Seamstress For The Band

I am so glad that today is over. It was a long day at work and then Stephanie and I had to work on finishing the making of a couple of gifts, complete the wrapping of all of our gifts, and bake a bunch of cookies. We also had to find some time in there to eat and I was convinced we were never going to get to bed. We’ve gotten there, though. It’s time to hit the sack and we’re all done. Tomorrow is only one day and then I get four days off and that’s the best news of all.

Of course, by week’s end I’ll also have our new digital camera to play with and whatever else my family saw fit to get me. Mostly I asked for DVDs and clothes. My Christmas gift to myself was losing weight and after the holiday, I think I’ll finally go out and get some new clothes. Everything I own is too loose. My belt is too loose!

I have lost track of just about every friend I have in the past month. Finishing school and then trying to get my shit together for Christmas has kept me from making phonecalls, from typing e-mails, from just about everything except finishing my schoolwork and getting my shit together for Christmas. I hope that everyone will understand the lack of ChrisClark in their lives and allow me back into them when all this craziness dies down.

I’m off to bed now.