Santa Was Here

So, Christmas. As I predicted, my melacholia was wiped away once the clock struck midnight and I woke up this morning in that annually-occuring and indestructible good mood that only this holiday can bring. Stef was getting sick and my symptoms were regaining some of their former strength but we got up and got in the car and we went to my parents’ house for the celebrations and we were happy. Gifts were exchanged and food was consumed and it was, as always, a great time.

Our digital camera was a blast. Stef and I were fiddling with it most of the day and took quite a few good pictures. The bad pictures we took, and there were several of those as well, were easily deleted and that was very exciting. I’d started off the day with my film camera, finishing off the roll we’ve had in there since the Bradford party back on October 4. When I went to load a new roll of film something finally broke in my old film camera and the new era was ushered in as I tore the film canister out and set the old girl aside.

We also received a slew of DVDs: The Indiana Jones movies, X2, Hulk, The Two Towers Extended Edition, and Finding Nemo were among the selections. John received even more movies and we were wondering how he was going to get them all back to California and still manage to bring clothes back as well.

Grandma loved the teddy bear we bought for her at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Salem, NH. The movie we bought John, Fargo, was the only flick out of his stack of thirteen movies that he hadn’t seen. That was cool. My cousins seemed to dig their custom CDs and books. And, Mom and Dad both seemed to like the waffle maker we bought them and the gift certificates for the Common Man restaurant that we stuck inside the box.

All in all, it was a great holiday. Once I get the digital camera and dock hooked up to the computer I’ll figure out ways to share the pictures. This might require a slight change of the interface here at the Bastad, but I seem to do that every year at this time anyway. This year I have school and such coming up, though, so we’ll see what happens.