Stephanie and I have been watching too many of those home/self-improvement shows that seem to dominate the dial on numerous stations nowadays. Whether it’s Queer Eye, Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep or any of the others you’ve maybe seen or heard of, the stuff has simply infected our brains. Today I woke up determined to do something about the clutter of my closet. I had planned on buying some new clothes to replace a lot of the worn-out old ones that don’t fit me anymore but I had no space in my dresser or closet to do that.

So while Stephanie did the laundry, I went through each of my dresser drawers one by one and sorted out old t-shirts, pants, socks, and underwear that are no longer in circulation, so to speak. Some of it was going in the trash and some of it was going to Good Will. My drawers were willing to accept new couture. I was happy.

I tackled the closet next, which was more of a storage closet than a home for my clothes. I needed better hangers. That was my first observation. After that, I realized that we had to throw a bunch of shit out. Stephanie came home and we sorted through old audio tapes we were never going to listen to again. We threw those out. We organized all the wrapping paper and we moved boxes around. My closet, like the dresser, was now ready to accept my new wardrobe.

Of course, there was a little fashion show here and there to make sure that what I was keeping actually fit and what I was tossing made sense. I think Stef liked that part the best.

We went shopping after that and I picked up some new jeans, some new hangers, and some workout pants, because coming out of the gym in shorts was simply not working any more. I bought a couple of belts too, to help me with the older slacks I’ve kept that don’t quite fit perfectly anymore.

All in all, it was a productive day. I can’t complain. We finished the day watching Adaptation, though, and that was not really fun. Maybe it was because I was dozing off or maybe it was something else, but that movie was just way too out-there for me.