2003: Just Like Jesse James

It’s amazing to me that I’ve been keeping a journal in one form or another for ten years now. The first time I put pen to paper in something resembling a daily fashion was on December 31, 1993. My Dad had prompted me, had pointed out that in some Waltons Christmas special that John-Boy, who became a writer, kept a journal. I decided to start a journal on New Year’s that year and I’ve kept at it in some way, shape, or form for a decade now.

I never did get around to getting all of my paper journal entries onto this website. I’m almost there and I’ll get there next year. Still, it’s really cool to look over at the sidebar of this page and see that I can look back on ten years’ worth of New Year’s Eves and see what the hell I was doing.

Tonight we’ll spend the night at my parents’ house, all of us sick in one way or another, and we’ll have a quiet evening. It’s exactly what I need after the week I’ve been having. Just as last year, the evening out with JonMartin walking through Harvard Yard was exactly what I needed, this evening of hanging out and eating Chinese food is exactly what Doctor Cliche ordered.

So, for now, I’ll depart. No major projects to announce for this year, except that I hope to get through the next year alive. I’ve got a lot going on. I really do.

See you on the flipside.