Get Through It

Sometimes I think of Stephanie and I as very boring people. Today was one of those days. We both weren’t feeling well. Her cold was lingering and a stomach something-or-other was hanging about.  I had been experiencing massive chest pains, probably heartburn, on New Year’s Eve and really wanted to take it easy. So, we decided to spend the day in our apartment instead of going to one of the two family birthday parties we’d been invited to, just in case we were still infectious.

But the day wasn’t exactly relaxing. I started working on getting this website transferred to it’s new hosting environment. I need to get it moved to a new server by January 7 or risk paying buckets of money to keep it here. This is the final step in a moving campaign that began last summer.

It didn’t go well.

I found myself screaming at the computer and throwing my chair around the office in anger when one stupid thing prevented the relatively smooth operation from going smoothly. I searched the internet for answers, tried everything I could think of, and still the new server would not work the way I wanted it to.

Eventually Stef calmed me down by bringing lunch and we sat and watched Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD. That was good and when I resumed my activities in the office I avoided the website and worked instead on getting all of the stories written by my peers for the next workshop printed out.

Of course, the lingering anger was there and I decided to start thinking about how I never finish anything. I looked around the office, at the piles of old computer parts that nothing was being done with. There was one box of stuff that was probably never going to be useful again. I decided to throw it into the dumpster. There was another bag worth of stuff that might have been useful but I was pissed off and so I threw that out too. I am sick of clutter and I am sick of being a packrat and if I’m not going to use something I am going to throw it out.

This included all of my audio tapes. I had been keeping some around, specifically the ones I couldn’t find on iTunes. I thought I might sit down one day and go to the trouble of encoding them. I looked at them on my desk, at the clutter of them, and threw them out too.

I did write down the songs that I needed to find eventually. Maybe one of my friends who knows where to look on the Internet can help me find a few of the things. If not, I’ll just start searching the used CD bins when I go to the record store.

It was not as relaxing a day as I would have hoped for but I only have one more day of work to get through before the weekend, so I’m just going to get through it.