A Nice Day for a Change

Today at work was “get through it” kind of day, and not just for me. You could see on everybody’s eyes that they were content with doing the minimum amount of work necessary to just make it through to five o’clock, or whenever it was that they might let us go early. Something strange happened to me, though. In the midst of a day almost completely without stress, I sat down and actually wrote something I was proud of, something I was eager to show my superiors. That hadn’t happened in ages. I’d felt so thoroughly unwanted and unneeded in the workplace that I was paralyzed. But, I sat down today and I punched something out that was good and that, in fact, was good.

I spent most of the day tweaking it and I wasn’t quite done when the big boss came in around four o’clock and told us to enjoy our weekends. I left in a relatively good mood and that was a great way to start my weekend.

Here, at home, I had planned on stopping in very quick and then using the extra time I’d secured to run off and do some CD shopping. One of my goals this weekend was to get out and buy CDs to replace some of the tapes I threw out. Stef convinced me to stay in, though. She was cooking dinner, which is often a rarity around these parts, and we were going to watch The Two Towers Extended Edition.

So, while she cooked I took care of the transfer of this here website to a new server (having finally figured out how to fix the problem I spoke of yesterday) and then I took care of getting my automatic payment systems to direct money to my new business checking account.

I got a lot accomplished and now we’re going to sit down and watch the DVD. I’ve got two days off, four days on, and then a week away to focus on what I really love.  Good things to come.