Brothers in Malls

I got up early this morning to take care of some of that CD buying I wanted to take care of yesterday. Up in Salem, NH, at the Newbury Comics, I picked up two Janet Jackson CDs to replace tapes Stephanie and I once had. At nearby Bullmoose Music, at least I think that’s what it’s called, I picked up Tori Amos’ Crucify EP. Then, it was off to hang out with my brother for the day. I wanted to see him at least once more before he took off back to California.

We ended up at yet-another mall to see if John could procure a copy of the latest Happy Tree Friends DVD. We did find both of the DVDs that were out and we bumped into Kyle, of all people. He was working at Hot Topic and looked pretty much the way I imagined Kyle looking and was doing pretty much the stuff I imagined Kyle doing. It was cool to see him. If you want to know what he looked like or what he was up to, I suggest you going to pay him a visit at Hot Topic. I don’t feel like descriptions right now.

We also stopped at the Nashua Newbury Comics, where I was able to find a copy of Simpsons Sing the Blues for seven bucks, and a copy of Liz Phair’s whitechocolatespaceegg for ten. I didn’t actually own the Liz Phair disc prior to the tape upheaval but I wanted it.

So, that leaves me with two songs yet to replace. If anyone out there who has access to some sort of song-finding program can hook me up with a copy of Aerosmith’s “Fall Together” or “Falling Off” it would be much appreciated. I did own the cassettes from which those B-sides were taken so don’t feel bad about it.

John and I went back to the house after that and I tried unsuccessfully to snap pictures of the Tempo and the dog before Grandma came down with some lunch for us and Dad came home. Dad, John, and I sat down and watched Fight Club. Watching it for the first time, but knowing the twist of the movie because I’d spoiled myself years before, I was spooked out by how much the first novel I wrote ripped off this flick. I’d never seen or heard anything about Fight Club when I wrote the novel but the two people who read it for me (JonMartin and Brenda) probably thought I was plagiarizing the whole time.

Anyway, John also showed me a couple of episodes of Happy Tree Friends and let me tell you, that is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen any, go see Kyle at Hot Topic (where we found the first DVD) or visit their website. I think you can check out a couple of episodes there.