Lesley Residency 2.1

Taking the day off today was the best thing I could have done. Last time, for the August residency, I worked almost a full day before heading into Cambridge for the opening night dinner and reading. That was rough. The stress carried over throughout the week and then it was right back to stress as soon as the residency was over. This time I gave myself a day to wind down on one part of life and wind up on the other part and it worked very well for me.

I got up late, around 9:30 AM, and did some things around the apartment. The neighbor didn’t bang on the walls this morning when I turned on the iTunes. This was good. By eleven I was getting antsy, though. It was time to move out.

So, I got my act together and headed out into the bitter cold, which my computer’s little WeatherBug thingy told me was about 3 degrees worth of farenheit (not including the wind chill). I drove first to Quincy, south of the city, to deposit the money I got when I closed my old business account, and then I drove back into Boston. I missed my turnoff on Storrow Drive when I was trying to head over the river to Cambridge and ended up getting lost. It was okay, though. I had plenty of time.

Eventually I made my way to Harvard Square and wasted some hours there before heading to campus.  I bought some hot cocoa and a cinammon roll at Au Bon Pain and some guy accosted me for money, claiming his car had broken down with all his kids inside and that he wasn’t from around here (despite the Red Sox knit cap on his head), and could I please lend him some money. I gave him the sixty cents worth of change I had in my pocket and told him to scram.

I didn’t tell him to scram, actually. I said, “Sorry.”

I wanted to tell him to scram, though. I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence spoken aloud.

Well, anyway, I ended the night at dinner and then the reading and it was great to see all my Lesley friends again. I did feel as though we looked a little insular and clique-like, standing off in a circle talking amongst ourselves as people came in but I think I was the only one. We were all just very happy to see each other.

The reading was good and then Jill drove a bunch of us back to where we needed to go. I was the last to get out, at the Porter Square T-station, and then I came home.