Lesley Residency 2.4

The days of the residency go by so fast. It makes me sad. I feel the impending doom of my return to the real world hanging over my shoulder. When I get to the place that I am now, both mentally and physically, I don’t want to leave. Here I am happy. Here I am content and even when things piss me off they never piss me off so much that I want out of the world. A couple of the Lesley peeps were headed out for drinks tonight and I couldn’t go with them, though. I had to bring my car to the shop.

Damn reality for intruding on my blissful escape.

I guess it’s good that my car will be taken care of, but I really wish I could’ve stayed in the city and hung out with people. I also want this to be done with so that I can find a spare moment to hang with Tori, who is in town. Even if my car does get fixed tomorrow I have considered finding a way to just stay in the city and hang out and have wild, drunken fun.

I’m not sure that there will be wild drunken fun to be had until later in the week, when things are truly winding down, but one can always hope.

I have so many little things to accomplish and everything seems to be going by so quickly. I have lunch meetings to schedule and reading lists to assemble and everything is a big, fat mess. There’s no order to this residency, none of the regimentation (is that a word?) that was present last time, at least not for me. I think, now that my car is at the shop, I will spend some time tomorrow really focusing on getting shit together. There are a couple of hours in the late afternoon where I might be able to work on that.

Anyway, it’s time for bed. I have to be up early tomorrow so Stef can drop me off at Alewife before heading into work herself.