Lesley Residency 2.6

It was actually a good thing that I didn’t pick up my car yesterday because this morning when Stephanie drove me over to the shop to get it there was another huge puddle of antifreeze emanating from under the front end of the car. It turned out that another clamp had come loose during the night and they were able to fix that and check all the other pertinent clamps now that it was freezing cold out and everything was contracting.

Stef and I spent a little more time in the shop than we would have liked but we were both on our way by nine o’clock. I was convinced I wouldn’t make it to the ten o’clock seminar, but I did make it with time to spare. The seminar was nice and then we had lunch, a bunch of us fictioneers together, as we usually do, and that was all right, too.

After lunch we reviewed two of my peers’ stories in a smaller workshop setting (5 students instead of 8) and since that ran short, I had some time to waste in the computer lab checking e-mail and working on my reading list. I did forget to mention that after the morning seminar I did finally have my meeting about my reading list, which allowed me to research it later on.

Dinner was pretty shitty but we had an excellent reading by David Elliot and Susan Goodman, both writers for young people. I bought a number of books by the faculty because tonight was the last night to do so. I don’t know where I’ll fit them into my reading schedule.

I finished the night out a the Cambridge Commons with Shera, Jill, Scott, Sara, and two of Sara’s peeps. It was good. I had a midori sour, a Smirnoff Ice, and onion rings, though not in that order.