Lesley Residency 2.7

It was mighty cold out tonight as the residency’s seventh day wound down. A group of us took the subway out of Cambridge and over to the North End to get some canoli at Mike’s Pastries. Shera hadn’t really seen any of the city, even last time, and we wanted to show her around a bit. Sure, there were warnings that you could get frostbite in as little as ten minutes, but we didn’t care. It was fun and we were bundled up and actually, we spent most of our time inside.

The day leading up to this began with a Twilight Zone-like experience driving in this morning on Route 3. Normally congested with two states’ worth of traffic, the stretch of road, perpetually under construction, was so uncongested it was like a Sunday drive. It was very spooky.

I made it into town with time to spare and had a blueberry scone and hot chocolate before the morning seminar began. We talked two hours on metaphor and then did lunch. After lunch we had workshop and after that, Scott and I walked down to the Harvard Book Store to check out the books we’d been assigned for the semester.

There was also dinner out for participants of the residency, at a place called Chang-Sho on Mass Ave. We did the same thing last time. It was good, though conversation was light, and it was after that when we began our trek across town for canoli.

I will certainly miss my Lesley friends come Saturday evening—it makes me sad to even think about the fact that our time together is almost up—but I do have many other friends that I haven’t been seeing enough of and that process can begin again soon.

Joy and sadness… life’s favorite mixed drink.