Back to Reality

As I did on the Monday after the last residency, I immediately got back to work on my writing. I had been aching to get back to revising “The One About Ian” since late October, when I got my manuscript back from Michael. I hadn’t had any time, though. I felt really fortunate to have a couple of weeks to work on it before I start in on my story for the first submission of this semester, which will have to be something new. Still with me?

“The One About Ian” is one of my favorite concepts in recent memory but the execution has, each time, been just a little bit off. There are great little pieces sprinkled throughout the story but my problem has been getting them arranged in the right order. There has been too much dilly-dallying, too. It’s not a long story. At least, I don’t think it is. I need to focus on the important scenes and make those brilliant.

So, I don’t find myself disappointed that I ended the morning’s work with only three pages to show for myself—most of them written previously. There’s a lot of polishing that needs to be done on each page and while I don’t assume this will be the final draft of the story, I would like to think that I’m getting close to that lofty goal.

What I am disappointed in is that I couldn’t remember the combination to my lock tonight at the gym. I’d gotten all dressed and ready to go, packed everything into my locker and was ready to lock it all up and head downstairs. Then I couldn’t get the lock open. I tried and I tried and I tried. I could not remember the combination. So, I packed my shit and went home and got more reading done. Later on I did figure out the combination and it was good.

Stef and I finished the evening with dinner and Raiders of the Lost Ark. All in all, it wasn’t the horrible “back to reality” Monday I had been expecting.