I am almost there with this story, almost at the point where I can say to myself, honestly, that it is done. I got through to the ending this morning, the new ending. The story seems so much better than the idea I started out with. I can’t remember how often that’s been true in my writing experience, but it hasn’t been true often. Tomorrow I may be done which, given the fact that I allotted myself two weeks to work on this story, would be way ahead of schedule. During the day today I cooked up little bits and pieces to polish up the setting in the story. Those paragraphs, with improvements, might be the last I write for “The One About Ian.”

It occurred to me today that I’ve been working on this story for at least six months now. I don’t think I could have ever conceived of an effort that extensive to complete just twelve pages of double-spaced text. It’s given me new respect for the process. It’s shown me to be patient, to let things to develop, not to expect the first draft to be the final draft.

One thing I can’t decide on is the font I use. I had been typing my stories in Courier or Courier New, because I swore that was something like an industry standard I saw somewhere. When I was at the residency last week, and complaining about how I’d tried to keep my stories under the twenty-five page limit, they all told me I should just use Times New Roman. It would give me more pages to work with.

The thing is, I got used to Courier. I liked the typewriter feel of it. Times New Roman… it feels as though I’m writing bad history papers again.