I was reading to Stephanie from “The One About Ian” just now, and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. It was really quite good and I had to stop and remind myself, “You wrote that, you ninny.” Tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to begin my second week of work on it but I’m not sure it needs that much more fiddling. It may actually be, and I’m sure fiction writers everywhere will cringe (or laugh) when I say this, done. It may actually be done.

Earlier in the day, JonMartin called me while I was working on building my new filing cabinet. At the moment he called I was having a hard time figuring out where all the extra pieces I seemed to have were going to go. He sighed and said something like, “Knowing you, and it being a weekend, something’ll go wrong and you’ll end up beating yourself up about it all day.” I tried to be concious of his words as I continued the project, but in the end I think Jon had me pegged. When I was done, and I saw how long it had taken me, I did get a little bit melancholy.

The truth is, though, I got quite a bit of the clutter on my office floor into organized folders in the new cabinet. Stef and I continued our apartment purge, bringing another three bags of garbage out to the dumpster. And, our apartment is getting cleaner and less cluttered every weekend. It does make me wonder where all this crap came from, though.

All in all, it was a pretty productive weekend. Next weekend is the SuperBowl, so I suppose we were trying to compensate for the insane amounts of laziness that will permeate our bodies then, but whatever. I’ve got a great story, a cleaner house, and plenty of incentive to actually get to sleep tonight, because I am damn tired.