Woo Hoo! The Stress Begins Anew.

I finally got back to the gym today and bumped into the trainer I’d worked with last year in setting up my program. He commented on how much weight I’d lost, made some comment about how the chest/pecs were starting to show through, and generally made me feel as if I’d actually done something right. That was cool. I also decided today that “The One About Ian” is actually done. I feel strange saying that, but for now I think the piece needs no further meddling from me.

So, I’m thinking about sending it out.

The trick is, I don’t read a lot of literary magazines and you’re supposed to be familiar with the places you’re submitting to before you submit. I also don’t have a ton of money to buy a bunch of literary magazines so I’m thinking I’ll submit to the few that I have a vague idea about: Glimmer Train, Narrative, and maybe Harvard Review, because I met the editor there at one of our Lesley events a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll probably get a fat stack of index-card sized rejection letters, but I haven’t submitted anything anywhere in a while and I think it’s about time.

This leaves me with my mornings this week open to work on my interdisciplinary research project. I have to turn in my first report on my progress on Friday. Woo-hoo! The stress begins anew.