Maybe Tomorrow

There were at least a couple of people suffering from Superbowl hangover at work today. I was one of them, except that I hadn’t drunk anything the night before. It was good that we had no classes running at our location today so that everyone could come in a little worse for wear and it didn’t really matter. I did my best to get shit done, but in the end I was so tired that I wasn’t very successful.

Working out was a mistake. I barely got through my first two exercises (shoulders and back) and only got two-thirds of the way through my chest exercise. Then the headache that had been building all afternoon got the best of me. I came home to get some reading done and my eyes were growing heavy, as usual. I decided to take a nap.

I didn’t get up until Stef came home, and I actually didn’t really get up until she finished cooking dinner. It was a very useless evening in terms of getting work done.

There was no writing to be done this morning, either. I didn’t have any ideas by the time I woke up. During the day, however, I did remember an old idea I’d been kicking around and I jotted down a few notes on that. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do some work on it.