A Raising of the Ax?

It may be time to close up shop here at the Bastad. As the situation at work continues to look more and more disagreeable, I am forced to confront the issue of where I am wasting money. We have already been working on this issue here in the Clark household, but there are more areas of our budget where we could cut. The twenty dollars I spend on website hosting each month is one of those areas.

The reason I signed up for a twenty dollar a month hosting account was because I had a bunch of sites I wanted to host on the same account. I had this one, Clarkwoods, EarlForAmerica, and of course, Jose’s site, ChrisClarkSucks.com. Save for the work I do here every day, nothing has been done to any of these websites. I am, you would probably agree, wasting money.

Now, since Clarkwoods.com is where I make money, if only occasionally, that’s the site I’d save if I was going to move to some four dollar hosting account that only allowed me one site. My clarkwoods address is the address where I recieve most of my e-mail. It’s where Stef recieves all of hers. It just makes sense. If I wanted to keep up with this journal, I’m sure I could find space on that site.

It does pain me to think of closing up shop on the first domain I ever owned, something I bought in 1999 and has existed in one form or another since 1997. But, I’m thinking about how I could best live in poverty here. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to have a job and I want to feel secure in the fact that Stef and I have eliminated all extraneous expenses before the ax falls.