Let’s talk for a moment about my haircut. I love my haircut. I loved it when Fred was done with it last Friday and I still love it today. However, I have not yet been able to get it back into a configuration anywhere similar to the way Fred had it when he was done. Part of this is that I don’t have any product in my apartment and that I haven’t gone out to buy any. Part of it, I am afraid, might be that I’m a dolt who can’t follow instructions.

Basically I know that the general rules of my haircut are to not allow myself to fall back into the old one, the one with the part on the left side (or was it the right side?) that I’ve had for twenty-six years. I know that I’m not supposed to spend more than sixty seconds on toweling it off, combing with my fingers, and putting stuff in it if I have stuff. I know that I have wacky growth patterns and this is supposed to help.

Okay, I’ve got it to look cool last Saturday and Sunday but somehow, during this week, it started to not be as cool. Or, I thought it was starting to evade the original purpose of the thing, which was to look a bit more “with it”. Basically, it was ending up, at some points, looking like I’d just combed everything forward.

I don’t know. I’m hopefully going to get together with Jimmy this weekend and maybe he can offer me an opinion. And I’ll see JonMartin again soon, I’m sure, and he was there that first night so he can help me as well.

I just felt like talking about this tonight instead of the fact that I got yelled at a lot today and that someone at work was called in at, like, 4:45 and told she was fired/let go. She had no inclination it was going to happen and nobody else around the office did either. That’s how quick things happen there. You can see, I hope, why I have cause for concern and why I’d rather talk about silly things like my haircut to keep myself from getting upset.