The Train Gang

I woke with an incredible urge to finally finish the process of ripping all of my CDs to my computer, something I had been working on off and on for months. While I put in CD after CD I continued my reading of Tolstoy’s “The Kruetzer Sonata”. In all, the morning worked out very well. I had plans for later in the afternoon and I managed to get a fair amount done before I went out and that is always what I’m hoping for on a Saturday. I am happiest when I end the day knowing that I made the most of my time.

Jimmy and I got together at the Porter Exchange in Cambridge at around 1:30 and we decided to walk and have lunch in Harvard Square. We really didn’t decide what we were doing, aside from the walking, until we got to Harvard, but we’re aloud to be indecisive. Okay? We were catching up and kept losing track of the fact that we still hadn’t decided what to do.

Eventually we sat down to eat at the downstairs pub/bar of Uno’s and we ordered lunch. They messed up Jimmy’s order a little bit but it all worked out. Food was good. The pizza sat heavy in our stomachs. We decided to walk some more.

Our trek took us across Cambridge to the Cambridge Side Galleria, where my quest for weight loss began many moons ago. I had thought I might buy something, but in each store where I picked something up—be it an article of clothing, a cheapo portable CD player to replace the one that just crapped out on me, or a book from Borders—I ended up putting it back. I don’t know if Jimmy saw it as a pointless trip, but I hope he didn’t. My main thing is that I wanted to hang out with my friend.

We took the train back towards home. Jimmy didn’t realize I was intending on continuing on with the train towards Alewife Station, where I’d parked, so we got off and talked a little bit more while waiting for the next train.

It turned out that Stephanie, who was in Cambridge to attend a class, had gotten on the same train we got off of. I got on the next train, though, and made it home just about fifteen minutes later than she did and all was well. I ripped more CDs while Stef and I ate and watched the special features disc that came with our Indiana Jones boxed set.