Laundry List

I had a laundry list of chores to get done today, doing the laundry among them. At the beginning of the day I wrote each item down on the whiteboard that hangs beside our desk here in the office. Incidentally, one of the other items was to hang a second whiteboard we’d bought weeks ago. By the end of the day—and the fact that this is such a strange occurrence in my life is why I felt the need to expound about it here—I had erased all but one item from the list and, it turns out, I was supposed to wipe that item away, too.

I did the groceries, the laundry, took out the trash, ran the dishwasher, got my reading done, hung the second whiteboard, ripped the rest of my CDs, and cleaned out an old green bin full of old trinkets and papers and sorted the contents into the places where they should be in this new, organized filing system that we’ve set up. I’m sure I forgot something (which is why I should have crossed things out instead of wiping them away) but that’s all right.

I was a bit pooped by the end of the night when Stef and I sat down to watch the Pro Bowl (football’s all star game) on ESPN. I only got through the first half before I was sleepy, turned off the television, and came in here to type this. Everything’s okay, though, because I got a lot more done than I expected to and when that happens Chris is a happy boy.